March 2012 -- LegalEye Partners with Solvaire
 LegalEye helps clients reduce legal costs, manage expectations and improve performance. Now they are also enhancing Solvaire's litigation support capabilities and spreading awareness about the legal risks of poor document management. Don't wait for a surprise lawsuit to reveal costly faults in your record-keeping and information management procedures. Learn how to save money with flexible legal billing methods that minimize risks associated with the extremes of strictly per-hour or flat-fee approaches. The professionals at LegalEye provide tools to make legal expenses more predictable.

July 2011 -- Major Acquisition Project in the Energy Sector
A long-term Solvaire client has announced the acquisition of a major competitor. Their database will soon be twice as large as it was when they started with the TRAX system a few years ago. Our specialists will organize images and information content from several thousand acquired documents including easements, mineral leases, deeds and licenses. Solvaire's expertise in Energy and Real Estate will guarantee a smooth integration of data into the system.

May 2011 -- Solvaire Joins PIOGA
Solvaire has a long history of service to companies in the energy sector.  We have acknowledged our support of the industry and our contribution to best practices with membership in the Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association. Protecting the environment, honoring contractual obligations and complying with government regulations are important to our clients. Solvaire supports them in these efforts.

March 2011 -- Solvaire President Honored Again by his Peers
Solvaire President and Babst Calland partner, Christian A. Farmakis, earned super lawyer status for the second consecutive year. Only five percent of attorneys receive this level of recognition from their peers. The rest of the team salutes him on this accomplishment.

February 2011 -- Solvaire announces the Better-Than-99% Precision Guarantee
Accuracy has long been a hallmark of the way Solvaire does business. Starting this month Solvaire will stand behind its meticulous work with a precision guarantee that sets it apart from the crowd. Failure to exceed the exacting standard of ninety-nine percent accuracy would result in substantial free service for a client. We don't expect to ever fall short and are willing to put our time and money as well as our reputation behind this promise.

September 2010 -- Post-Acquisition Document Project Begins
Last year an energy industry client entered into an agreement to acquire a competitor. Joining the two companies into a single operating entity requires seamless integration of documents into a single system. Solvaire will be performing this function in a long-term project that will also involve new documents being entered into their system in an ongoing basis.

March 2010 -- Solvaire president honored by his peers
Solvaire President and Babst Calland partner, Christian A. Farmakis, was among the top five percent of Pennsylvania lawyers chosen by his peers as a super lawyer for 2010. He had been recognized in three previous years as a rising star. Chris practices corporate law with Babst Calland in addition to running Solvaire.


July 2010 -- Electrolux project finishes on time and within budget
Solvaire customized and populated a contract database using an updated version of the TRAX software platform. The project was carried out in several phases over a number of months and resulted in substantial improvement over the previous system in terms of speed, access, search capability, report functions and data retention.

August 2009 -- Global leader in appliance business asks Solvaire to organize trademark agreements
This contract management project will touch every continent north of Antarctica. Solvaire was chosen to replace a legacy system for contract management after several months of careful review by the corporation.

May 2008 -- Solvaire provides document review services for major litigation project
Solvaire has been contracted to provide document review services for a litigation research project. Solvaire is providing a document review team that will travel to Nevada to review documents & categorize them as part of the discovery process.

March 2008 -- Solvaire to provide virtual data room for Fortune 500 customer
Solvaire has been contracted by a Fortune 500 company to create and operate a virtual data room using Solvaire's VDOX technology. Using VDOX, multiple remote outside parties can securely review confidential documents simultaneously and without travel expenses. This project represents the second VDOX data room that Solvaire has built and operated for this customer.

March 2008 -- Solvaire provides acquisition integration services to telecommunications company
Solvaire provided an on-site document review team to assist the customer with the integration of data related to its recent acquisition of a competitor. The Solvaire team reviewed nearly 500 leases related to certain assets. They verified certain incoming operational data against the leases to ensure its accuracy. As a byproduct of this process, the Solvaire team unearthed inaccuracies in the incoming operational data - the value of which more than paid for the fees spent by the customer for this project.

March 2008 -- Solvaire provides due diligence services for Strategic Energy
Solvaire has provided due diligence support services related to the potential acquisition of Strategic Energy. Solvaire reviewed hundreds of documents and prepared them for posting in a virtual deal room. They also prepared and operated a physical deal room used in the latter stages of the due diligence process.

February 2008 -- Solvaire completes second acquisition integration service project for nationally recognized real estate company
Solvaire has recently completed a project for a nationally known real estate company in which they reviewed title related information for 600+ properties which it recently acquired from a competitor. Solvaire's responsibility in this project was to identify any title issues which may exist and to assist the customer in taking the steps necessary to correct the defects. Solvaire provided an experienced team of 6 attorneys which interfaced with a multi-departmental team from within the company. This project lasted approximately six months.

November 2007 -- Solvaire completes data verification project for a leading real estate company
Solvaire recently completed a data verification project for a major real estate company. Solvaire verified incoming operational data received as a result of the company's recent acquisition of approximately 11,000 properties. Some of the data which was verified included: current rent amount, rent escalation schedules, termination rights, consent requirements, etc. Solvaire provided a mixed 20 person team which included document reviewers, quality control specialists, project managers and administrative support. This project lasted approximately eight months.

September 2007 -- Solvaire delivers custom database application for Strategic Energy
Solvaire recently delivered version 1.0 of the Legal Request Tracking System. Solvaire designed & developed this custom application to enable Strategic's legal department to better manage the various service requests they receive from across the company. The Legal Request Tracking System includes a web-based interface that Strategic employees can use to log service requests. Users are able to fully describe their service request and also attach (upload) supporting files. Emails are then automatically sent to the legal department to alert them to the new request and to the submitter for confirmation.

August 2006 -- Solvaire awarded contract to provide virtual data room for Fortune 500 company
Solvaire has been retained by the customer to provide a virtual data room related to the disposition of certain assets. Solvaire will use its proprietary virtual data room technology, VDOX. Users from across the country will be able to simultaneously review confidential documents in a highly secure web environment.

June 2006 -- Solvaire provides due diligence document review services to Strategic Energy
Strategic Energy has contracted Solvaire to provide document review services to assist Strategic with the due diligence process related to a potential acquisition by Strategic Energy. A team of Solvaire paralegals and attorneys will travel to Houston, Texas along with key personnel from Strategic Energy.

April 2005 -- Solvaire awarded document review & management project for Alpha Natural Resources
Solvaire Technologies, L.P., has been awarded a contract from a subsidiary of Alpha Natural Resources, Inc., to provide document management services. During this project, Solvaire will extract key terms and conditions from all of Alpha's coal leases and related documents. Summaries of key terms and conditions, along with scanned images of the documents, will be uploaded into TRAX, Solvaire's proprietary internet-based software database. The project will take approximately six months to implement.

"We are pleased with Solvaire's service-oriented approach to document management and its easy-to-use software, TRAX," said Vicki Duffy, Vice President of Alpha Land and Reserves. "Once the new system is implemented, our legal, contract administration and land departments from our many offices and subsidiaries will be able to remotely access key business and operational information about our coal leases - as well as scanned images."

About Alpha Natural Resources, Inc.

Alpha Natural Resources, Inc. and its subsidiaries are a leading Appalachian coal producer. Alpha produces, processes and sells steam and metallurgical coal from eight regional business units supported by 44 active underground mines, 21 active surface mines and 11 coal preparation plants located throughout Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Colorado.

October 2004 -- TEQ Magazine
"The flexibility built into the software guarantees that the customers' needs will be precisely met. TRAX provides an accurate summary of each document and allows the users to: access important data; create reports; be notified of upcoming deadlines; and provide other information on an as-needed basis." 

July 2004 -- Smart Business Network Magazine
"Not knowing what's in your documents can cost money. The key is really the information that resides within those documents, and how am I acting on and analyzing the information, because that's the key to my business."

June 2004 -- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Solvaire hires a team of paralegals, lawyers, and others trained in the business of law to sift through piles of paper, scan it into a computer, save it to a server and then turn it into abstracts, which allows clients to tap into tidbits of information they need."

April 2004 -- Solvaire awarded document review & management project for Strategic Energy
Solvaire Technologies, L.P. , has been awarded a contract from Strategic Energy to provide document management and contract management services. This project will require the abstraction of data from more than 14,000 contracts and the scanning of 1,300,000 images into TRAX, Solvaire's internet-accessible software database.

Pittsburgh-based Strategic Energy is an energy management company providing electric load aggregation and power supply coordination services. The company operates in nine states with retail choice, including California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas