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Solvaire provides the right process, people and technology to unlock critical business information. We master your corporate diligence challenges, deliver complex discovery projects, and design and implement tailored document management solutions.

Our Services

Solvaire has a 21+ year track record of providing companies with business and technology solutions delivered on time, on budget, securely, and with strategic guidance focused on comprehensively addressing organizational diligence, discovery and document management challenges.

  • Solvaire Technolgoies: Provides Diligence Services


    Effective, buy-side diligence is what we do. The Solvaire team does it with speed, accuracy, consistency, within budget, and according to scale…21 years and counting.
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  • Solvaire Technolgoies: Provides Dicovery Services


    Solvaire delivers eDiscovery and review projects of all sizes, for companies of all sizes. Our keys to success: Our People. Our Process. Our Technology.
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  • Solvaire Technolgoies: Provides Documents Services


    Handling documents and data are part of our DNA. We help companies develop data and document solutions to keep them organized, compliant, and competitive.
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  • 21

    Years in Business

  • 25 B

    Deal Value Review

  • 46 M

    Purchase Price Adjustment

  • 5 .1M

    Documents Reviewed

What Clients Say

William, Associate General Counsel, Automotive Industry

Applies smart techology, meets critical deadlines "Solvaire completed an incredibly large discovery project (1.2M electronic records)... read more -

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