The data explosion is real and relentless. Today, data has become the lifeblood of an organization, not just traditional office documents, video, and audio files, but now geo-spatial data, IoT data, streaming content, etc. In fact, it is estimated that more than 200 billion devices are now generating data; by 2025, almost 50% of all data will be stored in the cloud.

Solvaire Founder Chris Farmakis shares the ALSP’s approach to document management.

Everything Solvaire does involves documents and the data and information contained within. We help guide companies in their quest to “get a handle” on information, in particular documents and data related to M&A transactions and deal closings, corporate reorganizations or because contracts and documents are missing and not accounted for since they are spread out across a network of offices, databases and systems. 

A prospective client once asked me, “What can your document management solution do?”  My reply was “What do you need it to do?”  Within a few short months, our software development team created a customized document management repository including the capture of 30 discrete contractual provisions from over 20,000 customer contracts.
Fred Williams, Vice President at Solvaire

Solvaire Document Management Hallmarks

Restoring Order: Many of our clients are overwhelmed when it comes to document management. Content is located all over the place, in disparate systems, across many geographies and locations. We restore order by building an efficient document management system (DMS) that suits corporate needs and takes the burden off internal IT resources.

Document Leverage: Chances are, by the time we are talking about document management, the Solvaire project team has already worked with client documents, either during the diligence phase or during a discovery project phase. This results in an efficient document database process that saves time and resources for all parties.

Bite-sized Approach: It is not uncommon for clients to be overwhelmed by the scope of their document management challenge and DMS needs. Solvaire has hundreds of document projects under its belt and is extremely skilled at walking clients through the DMS process, right-sizing projects within budget constraints and based on preset timelines.

Outsourced and Hosted: Most database and document management solutions delivered for clients are hosted solutions that internal client IT resources don’t have to worry about maintaining or administering. Solvaire handles all IT-related services freeing corporate IT teams to focus on more mission critical work.

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Click here to see how Solvaire planned, developed and implemented a customized document management system to manage client’s worldwide network of manufacturers and distributors.

Solvaire scoped out our document management project in a way that accommodated all stakeholders – in-house lawyers, financial and accounting staff, HR, operational staff and customer relations. Making order out of chaos is what Solvaire does.
Vicki, VP, Land Administration, Energy Industry