The performance of effective diligence and the analysis of its results are critical to any acquisition process. All Solvaire professionals understand that our clients need to justify an acquisition purchase price. We understand how effective diligence can impact the terms and conditions of a purchase agreement. And, we understand how a seller’s “soft spots” in its business can be leveraged to negotiate terms and price. Effective buy-side diligence is what we do, and our team does it with speed, accuracy, consistency, and according to scale.

The most critical steps when performing diligence:

  1. Confirm and verify information established in the initial negotiation.
  2. Identify potential weaknesses in the seller’s contracts and assets to avoid a bad business transaction.
  3. Obtain information and ammunition that will be useful in valuing the deal.
  4. Make sure that the deal fits the stated objectives and goals of the buyer. Understand the client’s investment philosophy and how deal criteria align.
  5. Establish a project management plan that minimizes risk, and aligns costs with diligence timelines. Clients need budget certainty and that’s what Solvaire delivers.
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Company leadership changes, bosses come and go, business functions get streamlined or outsourced, corporate priorities change BUT documents and contracts stay static. Solvaire helps unlock the value of this corporate content.
Chris Farmakis, Solvaire President, Founder and Partner