Why Solvaire

Solvaire’s name is derived from the word “solve.” The company’s legal roots inspired a search for a Latin definition and an allusion to “solvere,” which means “to unlock.”

Unlocking information, and ultimately value, hidden in documents and other electronically stored information remains a major corporate challenge as well as for outside counsel dedicated to working on diligence, discovery and document management projects.

Solvaire unlocks…   

Cost savings. We unlock the value of the asset class that is in the contract. We unlock human capital savings.  We unlock the opportunity to organize and we take chaos and put it into order. And, most important, we unlock more critical and effective decision-making. As a result, all of that data, if properly managed, can be at executives’ fingertips.

We view client contracts and documents as assets, just as much as we do equipment, a manufacturing plant, or a product. Those document/contract assets have value and we repeatedly see that many companies undervalue them and don’t spend enough time ensuring that they know what’s in their documents to maximize value. Solvaire unlocks document value to enable operational, legal, financial and C-suite executives to make informed, and often ‘game changing’ business decisions.

Solvaire Founder Chris Farmakis explains how Solvaire unlocks value.

We apply our services to fit the way the company already operates its business. In doing so, we increase our clients’ chances of adopting our solutions, actively using them and keeping systems updated. That way, the information will be far more reliable rather than trying to shove a round peg into a square hole.

Company leadership changes, bosses come and go, business functions get streamlined or outsourced, corporate priorities change BUT documents and contracts stay static. Solvaire helps unlock the value of this corporate content.