2021 in Review: Through Solvaire’s LinkedIn Posts

12 months ago, we introduced our “new and improved” website to better reflect how the Solvaire team helps companies with their diligence, discovery, and document challenges … and has been for the past 22-plus years. Along with the site, we vowed to increase our LinkedIn presence and managed to share 50-plus posts in 2021, roughly one post per week, ranging from insightful #ALSP related reports to industry survey results and #inhouse thought leadership.

As we kick off 2022, we wanted to share our Top Five LinkedIn posts based on popularity (most likes, comments/overall reaction):

  1. Association of Corporate Counsel Chief Legal Officer Survey post: 21% of CLOs say significant transactions including M&As, spin-offs, divestitures, and other business combinations will require additional resources. See the full survey here. Assisting corporations with M&As and buy-side diligence specifically is Solvaire Technologies’ core competence and what got us going in the #ALSP business 22+ years ago.
  2. ILTACON ’21 connects with “redefining the delivery of legal services” panel discussion: Among the 90-plus sessions that caught our attention at ILTACON was a #legaltechnology roundtable focused on “redefining the delivery of legal services,” featuring Shearman & Sterling Chief Knowledge & Client Value Officer Meredith Williams-Range and SixFifty CEO Kimball Dean Parker. The two attorneys talked about the accelerated focus of #ALSPs on core and commodity type work, and how their firm is forging partnerships with #ALSPs to deliver client value and compete for new business. Read the full post here.
  3. Legal tech spending trending upward … just ask Gartner: The legal and compliance practice arm of Gartner predicts that 12% of in-house budgets will be devoted to legal tech by 2025, compared with 3.9% in 2020 and 2.6% in 2017. This coincides with trends of legal departments hiring less in the years ahead and looking to better leverage technology and alternative staffing models offered by Solvaire and other ALSPs. Read the full post here.
  4. Smart Business Network chats with Solvaire Technologies President Christian Farmakis on the world of ALSPs and how their use can enhance in-house legal posture. Read the exclusive feature article here.
  5. Pandemic opens digital initiatives flood gates: A recent McKinsey & Company global CEO survey underscores the popularity of technology use in-house. Leaders are more “pro tech” than ever, as evidenced by survey results discovering that technology and digital initiatives have accelerated by an average of three years during the pandemic. Read the complete post here.

Based on our “Year-One” LinkedIn success, we’ll continue to provide industry insights and commentary, hopefully on a weekly basis. Please join us in the conversation if you haven’t already.