How Alternative Legal Service Providers Can Add Efficiencies, Create Value

With companies consistently scoring law firms an average of just 2 to 3 (on a scale of 10) on the value they receive for legal services, businesses and firms alike are increasingly employing the value-added services of alternative legal service providers (ALSPs). Smart Business spoke with Christian Farmakis, shareholder and chairman of the board at Babst Calland —and president of its affiliated ALSP, Solvaire — about how ALSPs can help businesses get more value from their legal providers.

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Solvaire Unveils New Website – Facilitates Access to Diligence, Discovery, and Document Services

Pittsburgh, PA, January 27, 2021 – For more than 21 years, Solvaire has effectively designed, performed, and implemented complex buy-side diligence projects, discovery projects, and tailored document management solutions. Our track record and satisfied clients speak for themselves.

Today, in order to properly reflect our expansive diligence, discovery, and document capabilities and services within the Alternative Legal Services Provider space, we have unveiled our “new and improved” online presence at The new website provides access to our comprehensive service offerings, the talented and growing Solvaire Team, a timeline and track record of our service delivery and client projects dating back to the late 1990s, and examples of successful diligence, discovery, and document projects within our case studies and testimonials pages. Solvaire Technologies has also enhanced its LinkedIn profile and presence.

Now, more than ever, Solvaire realizes how critical it is for organizations to seek cost efficiencies while making legal, operational, financial and ‘game changing’ business decisions. With our enhanced AI-enabled processes and machine learning capabilities – the Solvaire Team can help to increase efficiencies while lowering project costs.

We invite organizations and law firms alike to take advantage of our free consultation and discover how Solvaire provides superior diligence, discovery, and document management services – on time, with accuracy and consistency, and within a budget that provides price certainty.

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Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Way Lawyers Practice

Artificial intelligence (AI) is adding efficiencies and transforming businesses everywhere, and legal practices are no exception. “General counsels and executives that are hiring lawyers need to understand that this technology is available now, so they can make sure their lawyers leverage the latest technology tools,” says Christian A. Farmakis, shareholder and chairman of the board at Babst Calland. “AI can increase speed, increase efficiency and lower costs for clients — if the law firm has the right tools, but more importantly knows how to use those tools.”

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Firms Take DIY Approach to Tech, But With Limits

And it’s not just large firms getting creative with technology. Babst Calland has been in the game for more than 15 years, through its sister company Solvaire. It started as a due diligence management project, and grew as developers created systems for various Babst Calland clients. “The software is legal-related, but business-focused,” said Chris Farmakis, Babst Calland partner and Solvaire president.

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