Case Study Type

Large, National Gas Producers

Solvaire Services

Real estate lease, license, right-of-way and easement diligence for acquisitions and land swaps


Acquisition, buy-side specific diligence.


Solvaire assisted in specifying relevant information to be captured, assembled and trained a team of experienced contract attorneys to capture relevant information, undertook comprehensive project management and quality control functions and analyzed the captured contractual provisions to assist with the confirmatory diligence process.


Clients achieved a scalable, reliable and accurate process for quickly identifying diligence defects. Clients were able to routinely finish diligence faster than their competition resulting in an enhancement and refinement of their bids and purchase agreement terms. These process efficiencies not only saved the clients money but they also resulted in smoother transactions.

Solvaire is the go-to provider when it comes to completing seemingly impossible diligence tasks. From A-Z, they completed all tasks with very limited company involvement, resulting in a seamless project spanning document processing, project evaluation and specification, document review and delivery

Andre, Senior Acquisition Strategist, Energy Industry