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Large, Publicly-Traded Companies with Massive Corporate Reorganization Projects

Solvaire Services

Corporate reorganization, contract review


Corporate Reorganization.


Solvaire leveraged artificial technology to effectively and efficiently identify key contract provisions necessary to undertake the reorganizations including assignment and consent provisions.  Solvaire also assembled a team of contract attorneys to review important contractual provisions, draft merger, assignment and other transfer documents (under the supervision and direction of our affiliated law firm), and undertook hundreds of corporate filings across North America.


Assisted multiple large, publicly traded companies with massive corporate reorganization projects, which, in each instance, resulted in the elimination of hundreds of subsidiaries; afforded the customers massive tax savings and accelerated reorganization timelines.

Solvaire effectively leverages legal technology and machine learning software to supplement its superior project management, quality control functions and sound judgment. Its project managers thrive working under intense timelines without sacrificing quality. When hiring Solvaire, you know exactly who and what you are going to get.

Mary, Land Records Manager, Energy Industry