Case Study Type

Large Publicly Traded Energy Retailer

Solvaire Services

Operational DMS Development, DMS Integration Services


Client had numerous issues accessing critical information and files. Client described its plight as “document management chaos.”


Solvaire planned, built to specifications, and implemented a large database to house and manage the client’s mission critical real estate documents (totaling over hundreds of thousands of documents). Solvaire assembled a team of contract attorneys to abstract key data from the documents, populated the database and was retained to undertake multiple diligence projects for subsequent acquisitions and expansion projects. Solvaire continues to service the client under a monthly service arrangement to process new and amended documents on an on-going basis.



Over the course of its 15-year relationship, the system has become one of the best real estate databases in the industry. It has evolved to become a centralized, company-wide document management repository. The cost savings compared to competing systems are well documented in the areas of pricing, functionality and flexibility.

Solvaire scoped out our document management project in a way that accommodated all stakeholders - in-house lawyers, financial and accounting staff, HR, operational staff and customer relations. Making order out of chaos is what Solvaire does.

Vicki, VP Land Administration, Energy Industry