Case Study Type

Publicly Traded Energy Retailer

Solvaire Services

Document Management Services (DMS)


Client’s existing non-customized and inflexible document management system no longer met its needs.


Solvaire’s in-house software development team built a new database that currently houses all sales contracts and invoices, captures key information about those contracts and is integrated into its internal operational IT systems. The user friendly, easy-to-access database now contains multi-terabytes of data and is maintained by Solvaire including periodic database refreshes with new agreements and amendments.


Over the course of this 15-year relationship, Solvaire has saved the company at least over $350,000/month (when compared to the cost of its previous document management system).

Solvaire delivered a mission critical document management solution for our entire North American operations. Not only did they develop a customized technological solution, but Solvaire’s experienced review team populated the new system including extensive document review.

Ron, Project Manager, Energy Industry